About this privacy notice

This Privacy Notice will apply from May 25, 2018, when the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), intended to unify and strengthen data protection throughout the European Union, will enter into force. Softkit is currently preparing for the GDPR by reviewing and adapting, where appropriate, its operational processes and data security policies from an GDPR perspective, as well as by adopting appropriate procedures to enable data subjects to and exercise the new rights under the GDPR.

Softkit: integrating IT & Telco solutions for over 15 years on the Romanian market.

From the perspective of data protection regulations, Softkit is the “data operator”. Our identity and contact details are:

Data operator: Softkit .
Adress: Foisorului 114a street, 3rd District, Bucharest

Trade Register No.: J40/10306/2003
Telephone: +40-31-710.88.88


This Notice has been prepared to inform the persons (the “data subjects”) about the personal data collected by Softkit during its activity, the reason for the processing and the way in which such data is used.

We reserve the right to update and modify this Privacy Notice, as well as our Privacy Policy at certain time intervals. We will notify you of any changes to this Privacy Notice or the Privacy Policy by announcements on our website or by other appropriate means.

Responsible for data protection

From May 25, 2018, Softkit will have an internal data protection officer (RPD) whom you can contact if you have questions or concerns regarding Softkit’s personal data policies or practices. You can contact RPD Softkit by email at

How do we collect Personal Data?

We mainly collect the personal data you provide us directly, by completing the form by which you are asked for information regarding our products, on the websites or in while you are visiting or meeting our representatives. Additional information is collected during the telephone interviews conducted by our departments.

We also collect personal data from you or your organization during the performance of contracts.

Our process of collecting personal data may take place through: i) the website, mobile applications, e-mail, digital media or software belonging to third parties, including the recruitment portals; ii) contracts, applications, forms, call centers, remote technical assistance, sales and marketing units, cookies on websites, business cards, telephone, etc. .; or iii) face-to-face interviews.

What personal data do we collect?

When you register with us, we collect information about you, including your full name, your employer name, and your role in the organization, your e-mail address, and your telephone (landline and mobile) numbers.

When your company purchases our products or services, we collect information about client company representatives, contacts, project team members and users. The information collected includes full name, employer name, role, service address, email address, telephone numbers (landline and mobile) and fax number. They are provided to us directly by you or your organization.

Why do we process your Personal Data?

We process the personal data we collect for two main reasons: (1) to conduct our business and to provide the products and services we offer and (2) to send marketing communications related to our products and services.

When we process your personal data to provide products and services, they are necessary for the negotiation, conclusion and performance of the contract with clients and for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued in the performance of such contracts.

The processing carried out for our activity includes:

  • Establishing, maintaining and concluding contracts / business relationships;
  • Customizing the products and services available according to the requests; updating and improving the products and services available according to the client’s needs, legal and technical development.
  • Registration of users in systems, namely for available products and services;
  • Contact / communication;
  • Keeping and tracking visitor records;
  • Offering services to clients according to the contracts.

When we process your personal data for our marketing communication strategy, it is based on our legitimate interest in promoting our products and services. Such marketing activities include:

  • Advertising for new or existing products, services and campaigns; performing sales and marketing activities;
  • Conducting market research;
  • Obtaining statistics and analyzes of the use of the products;
  • Contact / communication, including through third party social platforms;
  • Contacting for customer satisfaction surveys.

To whom and for what purposes do we transfer your personal data?

We will not share your information with any third party outside our organization, unless this is required by a legal obligation or when necessary to execute the contract with you. For any other transfer to third parties, we will ask you first consent.

Your personal data may be transferred to the following third parties, located in the EU or abroad: audit firms (based on legal requests), consultants, legal or public authorities, resellers, service providers, suppliers, shareholders and others. companies in our group.

If a transfer abroad is considered, we will ensure that it will be made in a country that benefits from an appropriate decision issued by the European Commission or, alternatively, based on standard contractual clauses approved.

What security measures do we have?

We are committed to protecting the security of your personal data and to prevent unauthorized access, use or disclosure by:

  • Control of physical access in our premises and locations where we keep personal data
  • Use of up-to-date technological methods
  • Imposing solid access policies (complex passwords, firewall rules, granulized access authorization, etc.)
  • Encrypted storage of personal data
  • Continuous monitoring of own systems
  • Updating policies
  • Training and informing employees and third parties
  • Secure data transfer
  • Limiting access to sensitive locations (both physically and logically)

What are your rights as a Data subject?

As a Data subject, according to the GDPR, you have a number of rights to your Personal Data, and Softkit, as a data operator, is committed to respecting your privacy and guaranteeing these rights.

Right of access – You have the right to have confirmation that Softkit processes your personal data and you have the right to access this data. You can also request information about: purpose of processing; the categories of personal data processed; to whom, besides the Softkit, the data may have been sent; who was the source of the information (if you did not provide the data directly to Softkit) and how long they will be kept.

Right to rectification – You have the right to request the rectification or correction of your personal data, if they are incorrect. At the same time, if our records are not complete and additional data is required for processing, you have the right to fill in your personal data.

The right to delete (the right to be forgotten) – if there is no compulsory reason for the continuous processing, you have the right to obtain the deletion or deletion of your personal data from our databases. Note that this is not an absolute right, and Softkit reserves the right to limit it to the cases provided under the GDPR (for example, if the data is no longer needed in correlation with the purposes for which it was collected, if you chose to oppose it processing of your personal data or if the processing is illegal).

Right to restriction of processing – you have the right to request the restriction of the processing of your personal data for the period necessary to verify their accuracy, if you object to the subsequent processing, based on legitimate interest, or if you want to block the data in the context of exercise or defense a legal claim. At the same time, you can request blocking of your data in case of illegal processing, if you do not want to delete them.

The right to data portability – when processing your data for performance of a contract or based on your consent, you may request that the data you have provided to us be provided to you, or to another organization, in a structured form and that can be read automatically.

The right to oppose – you have the right to oppose, at any time, the processing of your data for marketing purposes. For processing for purposes other than marketing, you still have the right to object, but Softkit’s legal obligations may prevail, as will its pre-eminent legitimate interest in continuing to process such data, including in the case of exercising or defending a legal provision.

Right to withdraw consent – When we process your data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

You can exercise your rights by sending a request to We reserve the right to contact you, to ensure that the request really comes from you.

The response to your requests does not incur any costs, unless the requests are unfounded, repetitive or excessive, in which case we may charge you a fee based on the administrative costs of your request.

Your requests will be answered as soon as possible, depending on the nature of the request and within a maximum of 30 days, unless we have to extend this deadline, taking into account the complexity of the request and / or the number of requests.

In the course of an application, in the event of sharing of incomplete or incorrect information or if the request is not clearly stated, we may have difficulties in resolving your requests, which may lead to delays in the investigation process. Our company reserves all legal rights in case of incorrect applications, contrary to the facts / laws or malicious.

If you believe that your personal data is misused or that their processing by Softkit is against RGPD, please inform RPD at about problems with your data processing and ask them to take appropriate action. If the problem cannot be resolved in this way, you can file a complaint with the national supervisory authority, whose contact can be found on its website,

Use of our website

Like most sites, the Softkit website automatically collects certain information and stores it in log files. The information may include Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the region or general location where your computer or device accesses the Internet, browser type, operating system and other information about using the Softkit website, including a history of the pages on which you see them. This information is used to better design our site according to the needs of the users. Also In this case, we can use your IP address for assistance in diagnosing problems with our server and for managing our website, analyzing trends, tracking visits to our web pages and collecting general demographic information that helps us identify visitor preferences. The Softkit website also uses cookies and other similar technologies. These allow us to store your preferences, give you options when connecting to our online platforms, deliver advertising through our partners based on your interests, and also analyze how our website and platforms work. .

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