Though one may say that it is too abstract, what we offer is about managing IT, Telecommunications and Automation projects.

Whether you will be buying a brand new IT solution, or embarking on a project that requires changes to your current IT landscape, it is highly recommended that you have all the detailed present data on hand.

Thoroughly planning ahead will prevent potential security, scalability and reliability issues, which may impact your company’s entire activity.

Our specialized team will assist you in mapping or designing your IT environment, identifying possible conflicts with legacy systems, create a migration roadmap, and design a solution that fits your needs with minimal disruption and optimized costs.

On-Going Technical Support Services for any of the IT, Telecommunications and Automation solutions

Once your desired solution has been implemented, we will continue to support the IT and Telecommunication infrastructure, to ensure the smooth day-to-day delivery of your company’s operations, regardless of the size of your infrastructure, either relatively small, or one distributed on a large geographic area.

We take part in the post-implementation process as well, and we ensure maintenance services for IT systems, audio-video systems, VoD or exclusively telecommunications.


Benefiting from the experience of local and access networks, metropolitan with broadband through optic fiber, we can supply any kind of data and voice network, including the equipment necessary for a good performance.

Once the hardware solution is designed, we deliver, install and configure the necessary equipment, be it laptops, workstations, printers, servers, routers or displays.

Seeing the trend of migrating IT systems towards “cloud services”, we decided to valuably use our experience in this area and offer a reliable solution for this necessity.

Software applications are, maybe, the most important component of an IT project. Because every business has specific requirements, we answer these needs through design services, software modules development and implementation, based on the newest technologies available.

Regardless if it is the access control system, anti-burglary alarm deployment, video surveillance or fire detection, through the partnerships we developed, we can offer their designing and authorization, as well as their implementation, all in accordance with the applicable law.

We propose “Digital Signage”, which is one of the most used marketing tools, with a positive consistent impact on the company’s sales. This can be complemented by obtaining and processing of demographic data, in order to target a specific audience.

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