Why Automation Solutions?

Automation solutions, automated control and monitoring systems are an innovative, efficient and comfortable means of maintaining your home and business at the highest standard. If you are ready to go, so are we. Free yourself from routine tasks, and let us take care of your daily comfort and safety!

Automated systems can create the ambience you want, when you want it, while taking up very little of your time and attention.

Our automation solutions will increase the efficiency of all systems that rely on measured inputs – we will integrate, control and monitor any system, domestic or industrial, to help you achieve maximum results for an optimal price.

Our solutions also minimize the possibility of human error, decreasing safety risks to facilities and hardware processes.

Automated monitoring of system inputs will allow us to adjust responses and outputs, in view of minimizing all-important operational costs for your equipment and processes.

We offer an array of payment options for our services, including monthly installments, for your fully customized automation and control platform. In us, you will find a true partner, rather than a simple product vendor.

How does it work?

Whether you are considering installing a new system, or already use one, we can integrate everything into a single, centralized monitoring and control platform.

We can ensure that all light, sound, climate, ventilation and irrigation systems, and other systems with measurable outputs will automatically adjust to function within the parameters set by the end user.

You only have to establish what you need, and when you need it; our automated platform will model and store your desired scenarios and will adjust the systems to seamlessly deliver the agreed outputs. Imagine that you may have forgotten to switch off your heater or air conditioning before leaving home for an extended period of time: our centralized control solution will allow you to do so remotely, or enact a pre-programmed scenario that allows you to reduce costs for utilities you are not consuming, as well as ensure that you return to a comfortably heated or climatized home.

Our platform can also monitor the safety and security of your location, by early detection of accidents such as gas or water leaks, or perimeter intrusions. You will be notified of all potential dangers in real time, allowing you to take prompt action and minimize damage and expenditure.

What will you get
from our automation solutions

Through our automation and control solutions we can install sensors, relays and other electronic equipment that receive environmental data, processes them, compares them with the values set by the user, and decide to either correct or maintain these values through automatic action of the existent systems.
We define work scenarios and then we program the equipment to respect them. For example, if we set 6am as your waking up hour, we can implement the following scenario:

  • 5:45 we start to decrease the environment temperature ;
  • 6:00 we open the blinders and regulate the environment lighting to 50% the maximum value and start the background music;
  • 6:10 we turn on the TV and start the coffee machine;
  • 6:15 if no movement is detected, we increase the volume of the audio system;
  • 6:30 if no movement is detected, we start the fire alarm system in the bedroom.

Our systems can detect presence in a certain area and start the anti-breaking & entering alarm or turn on the exterior lighting the area in case of a guest. If we set an hour when you usually return home, the property can be prepared:

  • The gate is open
  • The temperature is optimal
  • The lawn is already irrigated.

If you wish to automatically control an industrial or home system, for example a pump or a motor, we can substitute the mechanical commands with digital ones in order to integrate it in our system.

We can receive data from other closed monitoring and controlling systems, integrating them in a unique platform that correlates all available equipment.

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